Solution from previous post , we split to two part Server and Client :

On Server side, same as client side we add Unity configuration. Service on server with this act as Shell on client


We add ReadService for reading data to solution:

This Read Service execute one method from many repository service, like FindAll, FindByName etc. And we move DataProvider from client to server, for extensibility :

Read service act as excutor of commands from client, standard from repository services implementation for example

Each service, has base class for infrastucture code, for example on ouput set we serialize data with default serializer from Unity configuration

On client side we build one generic data provider for reading data from read service on server side

And this data provider, use like Server side Unity to deserialize output from server side. In this example, we use JSON serializer

(I used code and example from for JSON to Dynamic)

And with this code, we dont need on client side Model

And Views on Client side look now

We added Collection View Source to supprot features like sorting, grouping ..

Happy Codding, in next article we will use EF CTP 5 Code First Development => No SQL

Part 1 – No no code behind

Tell me what you think?

Download Full Source Code, just remove .doc extension,  Pure XAML Part 2.rar

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